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How was the Climate Reality Check created?

Climate Reality Check was produced by Breakthrough - National Centre for Climate Restoration. A team of researchers assessed hundreds of recent climate science research papers and articles from around the world to compile a top 20 checklist of key understandings to meet the climate challenge. The content presented on this site has been drawn from published and scientifically peer-reviewed sources, from science research institutions and mainstream publishers.


Why is a Climate Reality Check needed? 

Climate Reality Check is a resource designed to help climate practitioners, advocates, journalists, business leaders and policymakers better understand the alarming mismatch between the current climate risks and considerably inadequate level of climate action.

The underestimation of the seriousness of the climate reality today poses grave consequences for the future safety, health and well-being of our societies, the capacity of governments to protect people, and regional and global stability.


How do I know the information is credible?

The findings and conclusions presented are drawn from published and peer-reviewed sources. The material has been reviewed by a number of internationally respected scientists. View a full list of sources in the references section of the full publication.


How can I use this information?

Climate Reality Check aims to provide a valuable resource of critical observations and insights to help inform people about the major obstacles to effectively address climate change.

Climate Reality Check seeks to assist strategists, advocates and policy makers in framing the choices for effective climate action. By accepting a realistic account of the climate reality, we greatly increase the chances of designing responses and action that maximise the protection of people and nature. Activate a climate reality check for your group or organisation. Download PDF and explainer video for tools to help you review your climate change analysis, advocacy, planning or strategy approach.

Or contact our research team to request a formal presentation.

How can I help promote Climate Reality Check?

Click here to find out how you can help share and promote Climate Reality Check to your networks.

Climate Reality Check

20 critical understandings, observations & insights

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