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About CRC

Recognise Impacts  -  Recalculate Risks  -  Reframe Actions

Climate Reality Check draws together current climate science research to present 20 critical understandings, observations and insights to help inform and guide the stark choices that now stand before us.

Climate Reality Check is a resource designed to help climate practitioners, advocates, journalists, business leaders and policymakers better understand and address the alarming mismatch between the current climate risks and considerably inadequate level of climate action.

The underestimation of the seriousness of the climate reality today poses grave consequences for the safety, health and well-being of our societies, the capacity of governments to protect people, and regional and global stability.

  • Presents a sound scientific foundation to increase vital awareness and help frame effective strategy. 

  • Highlights major trends and impacts to emphasise urgent and severe vulnerabilities.

  • Confronts risks and threats with rigour and unrestrained honesty.

  • Identifies critical action gaps essential for global security and protection.


Climate Reality Check

20 critical understandings, observations & insights

“I fully support this excellent resource. Of course scientific knowledge will never be perfect, but we already know enough for it to be crystal clear that we must now initiate emergency climate action."

— Professor Sir David King, Foormer Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government

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